Emma watson chatbot

When you’re chatting with it, you’re going to laugh and smile — it’s going to be entertaining.” I tried the app and I have to say that it was surprisingly entertaining.

There’s no interface — Hugging Face is basically a conversation like in other messaging apps, with a text field at the bottom and chat bubbles everywhere else.

KPI Dashboards offer organisations the chance to apply keen focus on those metrics which are critical.

The New York-based startup is creating a fun and emotional bot.

Hugging Face will generate a digital friend so you can text back and forth and trade selfies.

Unfortunately dashboards are generally either powered by completely magical “unseen” data sources and to some extent, I feel robs stakeholders of responsibility and ownership over the metrics being splashed across the screen.

How though, can we build dashboards that enable any employee to share KPI’s with their teams or business without requiring complex data manipulation or custom API’s?

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