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President Lyndon Johnson calls on Tennesseans to rally behind the Democratic Party on Oct. Robert Kennedy, second from left, heads into the Metro Airport on March 21, 1968. Nashville attorney John Jay Hooker, second from right, is surrounded by officials of the Knights of Columbus before a John F. William Henry, the Federal Communications Commission chairman, during the 26th annual Three Star Forum banquet May 21, 1965, at the Hermitage Hotel.

C., with an unscheduled caller, John Jay Hooker of Nashville, on Dec. Hooker, a lawyer, said that the president-elect had discussed Hooker's participating in the new administration. With Nashville Tennessean Publisher Amon Carter Evans, center, holding an umbrella to shield the presidential candidate from a steady rain, Sen. and general manager of WSM-TV, and John Jay Hooker on Jan. John Seigenthaler, right, editor of The Tennessean, speaks with moderator John Jay Hooker, left, and guest speaker E.

According to Page Six: 'Gere - wearing meditation beads on his left wrist and carrying an ­orange canvas bag from a 2009 Tibetan prayer festival called the Kagyu Monlam - nastily wielded the pointy black umbrella like a sword.' Armed and dangerous?

In, 1962, then President said he had a vision of America “putting a man on the moon and returning him safely” before the decade is out.

Now, we don’t know if at the time Kennedy knew this was impossible or not but shortly after his murder in 1963, the best rocket scientists in the world involved with the project informed Lyndon Johnson that science is at least 30 years away from being able to accomplish such a task. Here we are nearly 40 years later and we still don’t have the they were being supplied.

Kennedy, right, in front of his Georgetown home in Washington, D. Howard Baker Jr., R-Tenn., discuss some of the major issues confronting both political parties in the approaching presidential race March 9, 1968. Schoen, left, KC state master; John Barrett, Nashville KC faithful navigator; and Edward Campion, banquet co-chairman. Kennedy's last visit to Nashville is presented to William Geoghegan, left, by Irving Waugh, vice president of WSM Inc.

John Jay Hooker, left, former Democratic candidate for governor of Tennessee, and Sen.

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