Updating ipod nano software erase music is audrina still dating corey

This is a useful tool if you have made a mistake on jail breaking or for whatever reason you might have.

You will have to download firmware and then attach your phone to your computer.

Whether you've just been given a hand-me-down i Pod Nano full of someone else's songs, or you're looking to give your music a complete makeover, follow the steps below to learn how to delete everything from your i Pod Nano. You may need to update your version of i Tunes if you have an outdated version.

Connect your i Pod Nano to the USB connector port, and connect the port to your computer.

If your i Tunes Music Library is still intact on your old computer, then you’ll need to copy all of your media files over to the new computer.

If your music only exists on your i Pod, you’ll need to rescue that music.

One of the most convenient features in i Tunes is the Auto Sync preference.

Auto Sync makes it so you don’t have to worry updating the music on your i Pod.

The way Apple sees it, the i Tunes → i Pod road is a one-way street, and music does not come off an i Pod.

This video will show you how to restore you i Pod touch or i Phone to the original version.

This will erase everything off you device and return it to the factory settings.

Every time you plug your i Pod into your computer, i Tunes will just automatically add as much music as your i Pod can hold based on your sync settings. Your i Pod will only copy music off a computer, not add music to a computer.

But what happens when you plug your i Pod into another computer… You may think that all the music on your i Pod would get copied onto the new computer, but it WILL NOT. Unless you do thid hack: How to Copy Music Off Your i Pod.

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