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Email BILLY [email protected] heading with ORANGE (something along those lines) the Orange model number (AD30, Rockerverb 50, OR80M, speaker model, reverb, drums, etc..) Your Orange amp forum name (If you are a member here), and/or real name.

If you are not a member here you can still email Billy the information if you would like. (exact address isn't needed, OR wanted..a general idea) EX: city,state.

With it, you can create your own custom guitar and bass rigs just like in the full version of Ampli Tube 4.

Think of it as an easy way to step into the vast and powerful world of Ampli Tube processing and recording.

you turn on your computer before breakfast and buy a Fender Twin for and the Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter pedal for . You record the "missing riff" and email it to the producer. Just like that you've added to your high-end gear collection, only spent "couch money" on it, and made a royalty — all while still in your pajamas. It's a revolutionary concept for software that was inspired in part by Johnny Cash's hit "One Piece at a Time," and the real world of gear shopping. And Ampli Tube Custom Shop isn't just a shop, it also works as a standalone app for Mac and PC.

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With Ampli Tube Custom Shop you'll have access to every piece of gear from all Ampli Tube collections, including the gear of Ampli Tube Jimi Hendrix™ Anniversary Collection, Ampli Tube Slash, Ampli Tube 4 Deluxe, Ampli Tube MESA/Boogie®, Ampli Tube Orange®, Fender® Collection, Ampli Tube Metal and Ampeg® SVX; plus you'll find additional pieces of gear from the world's top manufacturers — MESA/Boogie®, Fender®, Ampeg®, Orange®, Soldano®, Carvin®, Engl®, Wampler Pedals®, T-Rex®, Seymour Duncan®, Morley®, Z-Vex®, Dr.

Generally, all repairs are completed and shipped back within 5 days of being received. I do not live in the United States, and would like to know if I can order products direct from Tech 21? Check our Authorized International Distributor list. If you can't find a local distributor there, email or call us (973-777-6996) and please be specific as to your whereabouts. Some folks love the "fiddle factor" of the Classic while others hate it.

If we don't have a distributor near you, we'll advise you of your options. What are the major differences between the Sans Amp Classic and the Sans Amp GT2? In what order should I put effects when using a Sans Amp? The GT2, on the other hand, is up and running with a minimum of tweaking.

To keep it simple and easy for you just copy and paste this text below and fill out your information in the email!

All information will be put on this thread strictly for the purpose of having better information on how many of these amps are around etc... Name- (forum name)*: Location: Amp Model: Serial Number: Date finished (if known**): * If you aren't comfortable giving out your real name (first/last), your Orange amp forum name is fine.

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