Hpt validating performance measures

With this tool you can distribute your load testing on local and cloud instances, monitor your server resources as your API is put under varying loads, automate your tests with just a few clicks and create performance tests quickly with pre-configured load templates.

In Soap UI the possibilities for asserting the performance and underlying functionality (via the Step Status assertion) are many.

Just in like you can add functional assertions to certain Test Steps in a Test Case (to assert their results), you can add Load Test assertions to a Soap UI Load Test to validate both performance and functionality during the execution of the Load Test.

The configured assertions are continuously applied to Load Test results and can fail the Load Test just like their functional counterpart. You can also take your performance testing to the next level by using Load UI NG Pro.

is the ability to identify dangerous situations on the road ahead.We recommend that Uno’s concordance measure is used to quantify concordance when there are moderate levels of censoring.Alternatively, Gönen and Heller’s measure could be considered, especially if censoring is very high, but we suggest that the prediction model is re-calibrated first.We detail the development and validation of a new computer-based hazard perception test to be used for driver licensing purposes in Queensland, Australia.We proposed , which we used to guide development of the test.

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