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People who use or exploit other people (by use I mean use negatively)People who expect me to conform to their narrow little worlds Yak butter Tea!!! because i feel it too often ` why are the things i like so much simpler that the things i dont? I like:*swinging high on swings esp in the rain*swimming, esp in the rain*feeling so connected with the earth and people around me that it brings tears to my eyes*puppies*genuine compliments*freedom of movement - that feeling after yoga*summer warmth - sultry nights*chilling in a hammock with my closest friends*drinking daquiries*indulging my inner child*people remembering my name*snorkelling in tropical paradise*being nude at the beach, with no one else around*psytrance*falling asleep on my man's chest with his arms wrapped around me*wondering if, emmmmm, we've woken up the neighbours*waking up to a clean house on a saturday morning*non-verbal mind-communication with people I am close to*sharing a knowing look with someonedislikes:*wondering if we've woken up the neighbours*house cleaning*mindless fashion*coming down*commercial radio stations*violence*not doing the best I can [ 06 September 2002, : Message edited by: flash fire ]Ho P Posting Guidelines Is it the Truth? (Private joke)This is a good thread, some v funny stuff here!!! Canoeing/Kyaking & generaly being on water The list would be endless............(if there is anything worse that people drink I have yet to taste it)Scorpions (the insects)People who can always find a reason not to do something, but never one to do anything. Just sitting quietly with a loved one and having them brush/stroke my hair 3. the woosh of fireand the best that i can think of today:1. Drinking orange juice after you've cleaned your teeth8. DISLIKES: COCA COLANIKEMc DONALDSSweatshops Poverty Starvation Corporate whores Excessive materialism Governments Rape of the planet Holes in the Ozone layer Exploitation Radiation from mobiles Radiation from PC monitors (Doh!!! )Being lonely (different to being alone)Ending relationships esp.Well, OK, it’s not so blank now, because there are 38 now 40 words on the screen. Princess Nagger has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow that takes an hour and 20 minutes (one way) to get to, then the hubby has oral surgery scheduled for Wednesday morning – that appointment will take an hour (one way) to get to, and who knows how long I’ll be cooling my heels in the waiting room since he needs a designated driver to drive him home afterwards, since he’ll be in La La Land from the drugs they’ll be giving him.Yesterday was grocery shopping day, and Princess Nagger decided she wanted to tag along – I love having her company any time, but she ends up distracting me, and the whole semi-monthly shopping trip ends up taking longer – like 4 hours instead of just 2 or 3. Which means Friday is the only day there’s absolutely nothing on the schedule, aside from dropping Little Dude off at school and picking him up again.

I know, I It’s that whole proverbial synopsis that the “Man Cold” falls under.Us moms don’t get to have sick days and “I’m not going to do anything” days because we might have some residual pain – we just power through it.Meanwhile, my dad is making progress – he met with the Neurologist Monday (today if you’re reading this Monday evening, yesterday if you’re reading this on Tuesday) who said it does indeed look like the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s.This feature allows you to select any photos from your camera roll that you want and plug them right into your conversation.That is a pretty big deal, considering how even Omegle doesn’t provide this super important feature.

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