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The recently disclosed critical privilege-escalation vulnerability in the Active Management Technology (AMT) firmware used in many Intel chips could leave some enterprise systems exposed to potentially devastating attacks for a relatively long time.

The flaw is present in Intel AMT firmware versions dating back to 2010.

Intel disclosed the AMT flaw May 1 and since then has implemented and validated an update to address the issue.

The company is currently working with hardware OEMs that use its chips to integrate the updates into their products.

They reflect extensively on their experiment in conversations on self-censorship, shame, vulnerability, wanting to make a good impression and feeling judged.

Prompted by the Edward Snowden quote “Privacy is not about what you have to hide, but about what you want to protect,” they decide, one week before Super Stream Me is scheduled to end, that the experiment has gone far enough.

In a statement last Friday, the chipmaker said that it expects hardware vendors to start making the firmware updates available to customers starting this week.

No changes to router or firewall configurations are needed.

I've ranked it alongside the other tools but I think there are several remote control programs that do a better job.

Team Viewer is easily the best free remote access software I've ever used.

The small cameras mounted on their bodies transmit live, uninterrupted images to the VPRO TV website, supplemented by data on their heart rates, their moods illustrated by graphs and maps of the routes they have taken in the past three hours.

They share all sorts of stuff with the viewer: from private phone numbers to frank revelations during therapy sessions.

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