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Later, she attended Central Elgin Collegiate Institute in St. Actress (2004), Sherlock Holmes (2009), and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011).Rachel played Sally Garfield in the 2002 comedy film My Name is Tanino. For the 2012 film , she worked with personal trainer Jerry Owen.There's a story that always comes up when people talk about Rachel Mc Adams, one that reveals her ambivalence about the machinery of Hollywood.A decade ago, after she'd just starred in three huge hits in a row, "The Notebook," "Mean Girls" and "Wedding Crashers," she was asked to pose on the cover of Vanity Fair.Rachel Mc Adams sets aside a piece of cauliflower that doesn’t look quite right. She takes out her stationery and begins writing a letter. She quickly tucks the letter into the stationery box, and hides the box in a cabinet. She returns to her salad, slicing a beet with her knife. “Ry, It seemed fitting to write you a letter to congratulate you. She places her hand uncomfortably behind her head and flashes a smile: “How was the grocery store, babe? He takes a selfie and sends it to Kristen: “me in her fedora“Kristen texts back: “im gonna sell this to us weekly!! James opens his dressing-room door after the show to find Lana standing there.“Lana, you didn’t knock or anything .

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“Calm down, I was including you under the ‘superheroes’ umbrella.”“Should we go say hi to Will and Kate? Jackson.”“Right, Jessica Simpson gets married to Eric Johnson. “I found this old leather jacket of yours in the closet.

This was an opportunity to show off another dimension of Bradley. He's saying, 'You don't know me, but I would like you to know me'."Silver Linings Playbook is set in and around an Italian-American neighbourhood in Philly that is populated by a batch of neurotics, who are united by two obsessions – home-made Italian food and football.

In the middle of Cameron Crowe’s “Aloha,” a character is revealed to have had an extra big toe accidentally stitched onto his own after a combat accident.

"He was so palpably angry in that movie," the director expands, "so I knew he could play somebody intense.

He told me how that anger was something he had hidden behind at that time, which I thought was interesting.

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