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Mbi-Probiller is an online payment gateway providing the most secure and trusted billing solutions. Diss onest bissnes practice i guess can't trust no buddy these days hope they get what they deserve one day.If you do not know anything about this company, you can find the needed information on their official website: It is possible to contact the company representatives on Twitter: If you have a Facebook account you can contact them there as well: https:// You can also find their contact information on Facebook, but so it would be easier for you, we will provide it here as well: Phone number 1-877-543-2919. who ever is reading this what ever sight you signed up to if they have a message borde or a way to post your thoughts you should let people know what could be happening to them maybe fight back.And he say that his bank in USA asking to pay the fee new card to send to Nigeria 0.After I send again (equal 93 the money sended by WU).Free posting Earlier this month, Backpage responded to American Express, Mastercard, and Visa’s disallowal of charges for adult services ads by offering free posting in that section.In an e-mail to users on July 10th, Backpage informed posters that they can move their ads to the top of the listings for free every 24 hours.

Scammers still use orphanages as baits to scam foreigners.

they have scammers who pretend to be staff offering help on here but then they dont help you and you get charged anyway. I just reviewed my online banking and have 2 charges pending from mbi.. The end of trial hadn't even officially ended before my.account notified pending charges!!

One for and one for .95 and I have NO IDEA why!!! Will be reported and refund demanded as soon as my bank opens! i just called them because u also saw two big amounts of transactions on my bank history... I immediately cancelled and and charges didn't clear. If you sign up for trial immediately cancel, you will get trial and won't incur more charges fyi!!!

Each additional posting within that 24 hours will cost a dollar.

A good portion of the mainstream media is characterizing this move as reactionary.

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