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Free black slave holders could be found at one time or another “in each of the thirteen original states and later in every state that countenanced slavery,” historian R. For others, it’s an excuse to deflect the shared blame for the institution of slavery in America away from white people.

In the latter vein, “9 Facts About Slavery They Don’t Want You to Know” lays out a mixture of true, false and misleading historical claims. Anthony Johnson was not the first slave owner in American history, but he was, according to historians, among the first to have his lifetime ownership of a servant legally sanctioned by a court.

In 1654, a civil court found that Johnson in fact owned Casor’s services for life, an outcome historian R Halliburton Jr.

calls “one of the first known legal sanctions of slavery — other than as a punishment for crime.” North Carolina’s largest slave holder in 1860 was a black plantation owner named William Ellison. William Ellison was a very wealthy black plantation owner and cotton gin manufacturer who lived in South Carolina (not North Carolina). Historian Tiya Miles provided this snapshot of the Native American ownership of black slaves at the turn of the 19th century for century began.) “Slavery inched its way slowly into Cherokee life,” Miles told me.

Les hommes russes sont moins coquets et plus rustres que les Français.

The former Arkansas governor weighed in on our nation’s current criminal justice system during an appearance yesterday on Mickelson in the Morning, a leading Iowa radio program.

Shonda Rhimes slammed Bill O' Reilly Tuesday for his comments on slaves who built the White House.

The Damage stat dictates how much damage the shield does when used for bashing.

Les femmes russes et de l’Est voyagent de plus en plus en France, pays qu’elles apprécient.

La différence d’âge est plus admise qu’en France (10 à 15 ans d’écart est très acceptable).

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