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The ultimate generational battle between Millennials and Gen-Xers has finally come to an end, and there is a clear winner: Us.Yes, the audience came out on top this time, bearing witness to a great, unpredictable season of Survivor that just kept picking up steam and never stopped getting better.That held true all the way through tonight’s two-hour finale, as well as one of the better, tighter reunion shows in recent memory. Of course, tonight they crowned the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Millennials vs. Thank you for being here and sticking through this truly great season…and you’ve come this far, so we might as well journey through one last recap before you catch your breath and ready yourself for Season 34 next March (and it looks promising…more on this later). CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR MORE, AND THIS IS YOUR LAST *SPOILER* WARNING!

A Native American, Berry is from the Maliseet tribe and is a member of the East Carolina Native American Organization.

Previously, she worked as a behavioral interventionist for children who are also adopted and facing social and emotional issues. At the first challenge of the season, The women won because Chris Daugherty couldn't cross the beam.

She plans to further her studies by pursuing her Masters in Counseling. After the welcoming ceremony, Julie Berry was placed on the all-female Yasur tribe. Julie would often talk to the young women: Eliza Orlins, Mia Galeotalanza, Dolly Neely, and Lisa Keiffer were also in the group, despite being older than all of them. The women also won the Reward Challenge, and the comfort that came with it.

Her brother, Chris, recently celebrated his one-year anniversary with his wife, Kate, and has just passed the bar exam.

Berry received a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Community Development with a minor in Psychology from East Carolina University in North Carolina.

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