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But Facebook opened its Messenger to third-party bots in April, and given its reach (close to a billion users) and its resources, it’s the odds-on favorite. But Kik has plenty of users, as well as a billion-dollar valuation, and it sees this story playing out differently.

I’ve come to Waterloo to find out why a little Canadian company with 130 employees thinks it can compete in this game and win — and why it thinks so many of the bigger players have the whole bot thing wrong.- Hi bot.

Instead, according to a crude MS Paint portrait that sits on the top left of its home page, Sensation Bot is a series of grey blobs dotted with beady HAL-red eyes and a wide grin—a dollar-store knockoff of the Reddit logo.

Under the picture Sensation Bot greets us with an innocuous “Hi there.” Sure, there’s a G-Rated chat for the under-18 sect, and a “Romantic” chat for the “ladies” whose sensibilities might be shaken by Sensation Bot’s relentlessly filthy smut, but Sensation Bot’s programmers clearly spent a lot of energy on creating a chat bot specifically for sex.

If you’re an avid online dater, you probably think you’ll never get fooled by a bot. It should be pretty easy to spot the difference between a human girl and R2-D2. Scammers have invested a lot of time and money into making super-realistic bots that have fooled computer engineers and a Harvard-educated expert on Artificial Intelligence.

Without running a background check on the person you're chatting with online, you could be romancing a bot without realizing it.

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Sensation Bot’s creators are anonymous—there’s no information about why it was built or who it was built for.

So, what exactly is a bot, and what are the warning signs that you're being duped?

Spambots have been around long before Tinder was a thing.

t’s official – the world of the conventional app is on the verge of extinction.

In the place of the app will rise bots – intelligent beings that sit within fewer apps and talk to you via chat, just like a helpful assistant who texts you.

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