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The 65-year-old pervert’s bizarre activities came to light after he was caught using a camera strapped with Velcro to his shoe in the Ikea shop at Birstall, near Bradford, on November 29 last year.Mehran Nassiri, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court a man shopping with his wife noticed Marsh acting oddly because of the strange position he was standing near to her, and when he saw something flash on his shoe, he bent down and spotted the camera.He grabbed hold of it and challenged Marsh, saying: “What the hell is this?” Marsh denied any wrongdoing saying: “It’s not what you think”.But he was found to have been filming up her skirt.

He also had two screens in his bedroom showing footage of a woman using the toilet.

The word derives from French verb voir (to see) with the -eur suffix that translates as -er in English.

A literal translation would then be “seer” or "observer", with pejorative connotations.

Christopher Payne, of Orchard Close, hid a camera and made four films lasting a total of 52 minutes.

The films were found by accident on his computer and the victim was so shocked when she learned what he had done that she suffered a panic attack, Exeter Crown Court was told.

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