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Her efforts to tell her story — of sexual assault as a teen at the hands of an assailant who targeted her because she was a lesbian — achieved little traction.That is, she says, until President Barack Obama singled out her courage and determination in a visit to the Caribbean nation in April.The telesales worker also reckons her youthful looks helped her snare her young lover.Mrs Bullock said: ‘I don’t look as old as I am and I certainly don’t dress my age because I don’t want to look my age.After tying the knot, they now live together in Cardiff with their son Tyrese, one, and Mrs Bullock’s daughter from a previous relationship, Daisy, 15.‘A lot of people confuse him for her (Daisy) boyfriend,’ she added.

Existing legislation stipulates that non-consensual sex is rape if it happens when a married couple is separated.June 26, 2017: Tambourine Army, a women’s rights group in Jamaica, has demanded that the Adventist Church in the country clarify its position on marital rape.A controversial statement made by a representative of a group of denominations, including the Adventist church, triggered the request on June 25.Integrating what was familiar, accepted and popular created a ‘diluted’ form of a new Jamaican sound that could cross over more easily.In the global music business, there is only one reggae slot and a lot of people competing for airplay in that slot. It is a better business decision purely on the way the global industry works. We have to work ten times harder than everyone else to make music that is ten times better and promoted ten times better with a fraction of the budget that others have. How I promoted Oh Carolina is not how I can promote a record today. Players in the Jamaican music industry have to think about how they can move global brands and how they themselves are brands.

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