Ddclient is not updating

For example if the domain you made at DTdns is : You have to create a relevant domain with this name.

Then go to the panel of "Dynamic clients", choose the domain you made then set your dynamic DNS provider eg (dtdns) and associated credentials to that provider.

You can check that ddclient successfully updated your IP by opening Log Viewer, selecting syslog, and looking for a line like I changed the update period from 300 seconds (5 minutes) to 3600 seconds (1 hour) since my IP address rarely changes.

However, there shouldn’t be any problem with frequent updates because ddclient will not make an unnecessary update request when your IP address has not changed.

A dynamic DNS service allows you to keep a domain name pointing to your network even when your network’s IP address changes.

Now if I ping (my artificial host) me I get a different IP.Remove the sme7-ddclient first, see instructions below. Unfortunately, Ubuntu 14.04 ships with version 3.8.1, but I will show you how to update it.I’m using the free version of Dyn DNS but ddclient also has build-in support for easy DNS, DSLReports, and Zone Edit.Search for and install the package from the Ubuntu Software Center.

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