Tough dating advice common internet dating lies

Love doesn’t have to take a back seat in tough economic times.

Feel free to give us a call here at the Focus on the Family Counseling department. Our licensed counselors or chaplains would love to speak with you and, if you would like, can direct you toward local Christian counselors.

Romantic relationships often resemble an emotional see-saw.

When this process becomes a pattern, one partner pursues the other with great abandon, resulting in a paradoxical loss of interest on the part of the other partner, the distancer.

Whether you’ve already run through the list of standard first-date questions — What do you do for a living? Does your date live off cereal when no one’s around? (Of course, hopefully this conversation will lead to a more in-depth discussion about culinary preferences and skill levels. (Be ready to share yours, too.) What’s on your bucket list?

— or are just looking to shake things up, conversation-wise, here are a few questions to have up your sleeve should your awkward silences need filling. Everyone has an embarrassingly simple solution to eating solo at home. Or maybe he has a signature gourmet meal-for-one he can’t wait to whip up on quiet nights…. Childhood is a big topic to cover on Date #1, so keep it simple by sharing specific highlights instead of getting caught up in generic nostalgia. This might be different than your date’s current “favorite.” It could be a guilty pleasure, a nonfiction manual, a religious tome or a childhood classic.

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