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This cemetary dates back to the first Catholic church in De Tour which was located on the North Rd hill going out of town. Bateski, whom was at Sacred Heart Catholic Church for 56 years, built the current SHC, SHC Hall, and established the cemetary, circa 1872.

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De Tour Village maintains this wooded cemetery on behalf of our residents. Walking through this calming niche, you will see grave markers identifying many founding families of De Tour Village. Bob Hill Cemetery is one of five small cemeteries in De Tour Township, and is located on a small knoll behind the Michigan Department of Conservation building off M-134 at the south end of De Tour Village.

Located 3 miles west of town out South Caribou Lake Rd ("The South Road"), this simple, quiet graveyard offers comfort to our local community. Sacred Heart Catholic (SHC) Cemetery is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Marquette, and is one of five small cemeteries in De Tour Township.

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