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(Future Soundz, A division of K-Tel International / Switzerland) RECALLING YOU / LEE SEUNG CHUL (CJ E&M, Jin Won Music Works, Break Entertainment / Korea) LOVEEE!/ Japan) BEEN THERE DONE THAT / HEDLEY (Platinum Selling Album – Universal / Canada) HOLLOW / EVE (Super/Sony / Taiwan) ENOUGH OF YOU TODAY / BLACKIE AND THE RODEO KINGS (True North/Universal / Canada) SAY SOMETHING / YOUNHA (Lion Records / Korea) A. L / ERIC SOLOMON (Frontside / Canada) ADDICTED / ERIC SOLOMON (Frontside / Canada) BROKEN GLASS / ERIC SOLOMON (Frontside / Canada) LIPSTICK / ELISE ESTRADA (Universal/Rock STAR Music Corp.Caitlin is especially happy, as she's come up with a list of five guys she likes and has been able to rank her choices, and so will have plenty of opportunity to get a date to the dance.Soon, Caitlin spots her first choice, Ethan, and goes after him.Take someone who hates their life, who doesn’t have any joy in the day and put them in that environment and … That is every day for Bird, a character who works at the Family Fun Centre.Located in the basement of a strip mall in a small town, he descends the stairs to his own personal hell, into the blackness of his glow-in-the-dark mini putt/bouncy castle/stale nacho world.Classic Media has since picked up international distribution, licensing and merchandising rights for the show.has been in kids, animation and family entertainment since before the Internet.

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Programming schedules, of course, are subject to change./ Canada) CONVICTED / ALISHA PILLAY (DVP/C2P / Canada) HYSTERIA / MICHI (DVP/C2P / Canada) I FORGET TO BREATHE, STARTING AT THE END / CAELEE (Sony / South Africa) HOSHI NO TATTOO / SIE KOHINATA (JVC / Japan) LET GO (EP) / WREN KELLY (DVP/C2P / Canada) DON’T LET THE BEAT STOP / SHONENTAI PLAYZONE (Johnny’s / Japan) PERFECTLY PERFECT / HEY BOMBSHELL (XOXO Entertainment / Canada) REAL THING & AS GOOD AS IT GETS / LOVERBOY (SONY / Rock STAR Music Corp./ Canada) The Real Housewives Of Vancouver (Global / Slice) -Composed, produced and mixed theme and score for Seasons 1 & 2 The Mistress (Slice) -Composed, produced and mixed theme and score for debut season Hellcats (CW) -Various selections featured in first season, written and produced America’s Next Top Model (UPN) -Various selections featured through the past 14 cycles, written, produced and mixed score Make Some Noise (Omni Film/CBC) -Composed, produced and mixed score for debut season She’s Crafty (Omni Film/HGTV) -Composed, produced and mixed theme and score for debut season Smart Cookies (Omni Film/W Network) -Composed, produced and mixed theme and score for debut season Pure Design (Omni Film HGTV Canada & US) -Composed, produced and mixed score and theme sung by Carly Rae Jepsen for debut season. Bloodsuckers (Vega Productions / Sci-Fi Channel) -Composed, produced and mixed score Life And Times Of Wayne Gretzky (CBC/Biography) -Composed, produced and mixed score A Perfect Note (PN Productions/City TV) -Featured use of “Bad Boys” by NBT: co-written, produced and mixed Fallen Angels (Avrio Films) -Five songs, written, produced and mixed including “What Would I Care” by Symbiant Epiphany of A Kiss (Independent Film) -Six selections used, written, produced and mixed Calgary Stampede/The Greatest Show On Earth (Global) -entire score: written, produced and mixed, 2005 special Roswell (MGM/UA/NBC) -One selection used for DVD release Chicks With Sticks (Showcase) -Three songs featured, written, produced and mixed including “Let’s Wait”/Hayley Aitken Ed (NBC/Universal) -One song featured, written and produced Lesser Evil (City TV feature) -includes “Pretty Lady”, co-written and produced by Davor for Phoenix Like Mike 2 (20th Century Fox) -Featuring “One Day”, co-written produced and mixed, end title The Dating Guy (Teletoon at Night) -Featuring “Suddenly” as performed by Loverboy, co-written, produced and mixed Clockwork Girl (Luximation) -Featuring “U I” as performed by Wren Kelly, co-written, produced and mixed Mr.D (CBC) -Featuring “Jump” as performed by Wren Kelly, co-written, produced and mixed Surprise, It’s A Puppy!Presented by the Brian Linehan Charitable Foundation Bird, a grumpy employee at the family fun centre, spends his days resetting the bowling lanes and cleaning up toddler puke but when a young and pretty girl is hired to work the snack bar, he finally has something to look forward to.

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